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Made For Locs

2 in 1 Turban Locs Affirmation Headwrap Duo with Satin Lining

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    Embrace Style and Functionality


    Introducing the Made For Locs 2-in-1 Turban Headwrap Duo - a versatile, stylish, and functional accessory designed for the modern individual who celebrates their locs. This exquisite headwrap, featuring a beautiful and inclusive print in a striking black color, is a perfect blend of fashion and practicality.


    • Dual Wear Design: Experience the ultimate in versatility with our 2-in-1 Turban Headwrap. Whether you're looking for a chic turban or a classic headwrap, this duo offers you both options and more in one product.
    • Satin Lining for Hair Protection: Lined with high-quality satin, this headwrap is gentle on your locs. The satin lining helps to reduce friction, preventing breakage and maintaining the moisture balance of your hair.
    • Multiple Styling Options: The flexibility of the headwrap allows you to experiment with various styles. Wrap it, tie it, twist it - the possibilities are endless! It's an ideal accessory for those who love to change up their look while keeping their locs well-protected.
    • Two-Piece Design: Rock your headband along to pull back your locs or the headwrap alone to tuck and protect your locs while on the go.
    • Inclusive and Celebratory Print: Embrace a design that celebrates locs. Our headwrap features a print that is both inclusive and expressive, making a bold statement about the beauty and diversity of locs.
    • Positive Affirmation: Adorn with positive affirmations for a gently daily reminder.

    By choosing this product, you're not only making a style statement but you are protecting and adorning your crown the best way possible.

    Whether you're stepping out for a special occasion or simply accentuating your everyday look, the Made For Locs 2-in-1 Turban Headwrap Duo is your go-to accessory. Embrace the beauty of your locs with this stylish, protective, and eco-friendly headwrap.

    Wear it with pride, wear it with care - Made For Locs!


    Our loc line works for every loc style. Traditional, Sisterlocks, Freeform Locs, Microlocs etc and for every stage of your loc journey.


    Our two in one headwrap can be worn in multiple styles.
    You can opt to wear just headwrap, just the headband or combine both to form various styles while protecting your crown! Beautiful locs inclusive print to celebrate your loc journey.


    One Size Fits All


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    2 in 1 Turban Locs Affirmation Headwrap Duo with Satin Lining
    2 in 1 Turban Locs Affirmation Headwrap Duo with Satin Lining
    2 in 1 Turban Locs Affirmation Headwrap Duo with Satin Lining

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    Approximately 2 years and listed on each product.

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