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I love this spray. This is my third time purchasing it, second time ordering it online. It’s so hard to find it in Walmart. So I’m going to have to order before I run out again. This spray smells so good. My daughter loves it and it makes my locs soft and healthy. Love it!!

I just received this refresher spray and I love it already! My locs are soooooooo soft and they feel lighter. The spray smells really good too by the way. I am a customer for life!


The satin lined cap is not only beautiful, but lightweight also. The ability to control the head size is a big plus. It’s well made and well thought out. It’s great too that it can be shortened with a loop and button if your locs are shorter. A win, win on all fronts.

Love this spray!

It doesn’t leave my hair feeling sticky and I can literally use it everyday.

Smooth like butter!

My locs are dyed and it’s so rough sometimes to keep moisturized and soft without shampoos and conditioners stripping or adding on build up but this!! Honey this conditioner will make you feel like your hair magically turned into flower scented butter. It made my hair so soft and smooth. I’m not the biggest floral scent girl either but the scent isn’t bad at all so now my hair is soft,smooth and sweet. Highly recommend this conditioner and the shampoo goes great with it as well!

This product is very good. I think they should have made the fragrance one of the fruit fragrances available opposed to cotton candy though. Other than that I like using it on my son's natural twist (mines too!)

The aloe vera i think is the best and I like the oil mist

I think the aloe vera is the best thing. My son loves using it for his maintenance.

Smooth & Sleek

It didn’t give build up, real sleek and smooth, and gives it a nice shine. I bought it for my Loc clients and I love. Going to be purchasing more. I want to try the blueberry one.

My new best friend!

I absolutely love aloe Vera gel, it is so soothing to my scalp and very hydrating. And the fact that MFL put it in a pump bottle is the absolute best thing ever!! With the pump I am able get the right amount without having to dip into a jar and risking contamination. This new aloe in the pump is my new best friend!!!

Starter Locs Kit
Jayna Tatum

Love it and it smells so good

Love it!

Not the typical loc soc/bonnet....instead it's fashionable and prideful! Keep and maintains the moisture as well as styles. The fact that it's adjustable is key also because as my locs grow I won't necessarily have to run out for a new loc soc/bonnet.

Worth it

I love this spray. The smell is amazing and the spray bottle is perfect. I use it daily

Great product

First time trying these products and I must say I’m impressed! Smells great too! I will definitely purchase again and this time get the loc brush I forgot. Well done 👍🏽

Great smell

I love the smell! I have micro braids that’s transiting to micro locs. This helps moisturize my hair and leave it smelling wonderful.

I haven’t got to use this product yet.

Great quality

Great material and it actually stays on your head all night!

Loc Bonnet

Absolutely love this bonnet. I definitely will be purchasing the other two. If you are not completely sure of this bonnet you want be disappointed. It has an adjustable strap to tighten if it to big. Go ahead and purchase.

Locs Vegan Aloe Refresher Spray
Keishon Taylor Johnson

So far this has been ok for me. But I might not be using it correctly. It does not take away my fizzy hair. But I will continue to use my products daily

Omg this bonnet is life. I can make it shorter for showers. It doesn’t slip at night and my hair remains soft.

Entire Loc Care Kit Collection
Keishon Taylor Johnson

I love the way it come in a carrying case. Kinda of like the men’s shave bag.


Ordered 2 different bonnets and I absolutely love them both. I will definitely be ordering the other . I love the adjustable strap.

Smells Amazing!!

These products smell amazing and they are very light weight and keeps my hair moisturised. I don't have to use them everyday but I want to because of how amazing it makes my hair feels and the smell lasts! Would 1000% recommend!

Soft and pliable locs

This was my first time using the conditioner. I like how it's not creamy where it will cause build up. I have been looking for a rinse out conditioner and I think I've found it. The consistency is thick enough to hold on to the hair, but light enough to not weigh it down. The smell is not bad either, it's a warm vanilla scent. After washing my hair, I left the product on for about 30 seconds as stated on the package, then rinsed it out. My hair was soft and manageable. I think next time I will use as a deep conditioner. I do recommend this product.

Starter Locs Kit
Regina L Senegel
Love the products.

Love the way it makes my Sisterlocs fills.