Our Story


Made For Locs Brand Story


For far too long, brands have failed to understand the value of our uniqueness and what it means to care for our beautiful locs. We understand the frustration of not being considered within the realm of the beauty industry as other hair styles and textures were. We’re taking matters into our own hands and providing customers with products they can count on at all points of their loc journey.  


Made For Locs, we know that the most crucial part of loc care is maintenance. Though loc care is very low maintenance. No matter how careful you may be with your locs, using the wrong products can cause build-up overtime and surface eventually. The residues can also cause long-term damage when they build up inside your hair, which is why the products you choose for your hair are so important. At Made For Locs, we offer products created specifically for locs and a key place of resource for the loc community so you can wash and style your hair without the fear of excess buildup.  


With our collection of products, everyone has the opportunity to care for their hair adequately and expresses who they are with pride, no matter their current loc journey. With carefully crafted formulas designed to eliminate buildup, it’s a system that not only works for your hair but your confidence as well. 


Rooted in the belief that everyone deserves to feel like they belong, Made For Locs allows the loc community to amplify the most admiral features that make them feel beautiful and confident whether that's discovering themselves, growing spiritually and/or finally embracing their uniqueness.



Mission Statement 


At Made For Locs want our products to be the reminder that everyone should feel honored to be part of the loc community. With intention in everything we do, it is our hope that we close the gaps in standard views of what it means to be accepted in society. Our locs, no matter the length, volume, or style, is beautiful. We are committed to providing a business that is not only healthy for loc’d hair, but changing loc’d minds as well in society.   


Vision Statement 


In an effort to eliminate the discrimination against our community, we’ve created a business that highlights our locs and who we are. As a brand, we will begin to cultivate a tribe that understands the beautiful life learning process that goes into having locs and what it can look like to care for our hair. 


We are committed to offering the finest selection of clean and build-up free loc products from a brand that is a pioneer in innovation, science, technology, and sustainability. Your crown deserves it!