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Ultimate Locs Moisturizing Bundle

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    Our ultimate moisture kit includes our locs aloe refresher spray for daily moisture, our locs oil spray to lock in that moisture and our loc brush to evenly distribute throughout your locs. As well as our aloe gel to soothe your scalp.

    This Locs Lint Brush is an ideal tool for maintaining locs/dreadlocks. Its soft bristles are designed to gently but effectively remove lint and other particles, leaving your locs clean and looking their best. The ergonomic handle makes brushing comfortable and easy, ensuring an excellent grooming experience. While preventing breakage, making it an ideal choice for those with delicate hair.

    Easily remove lint by making loc brushing apart of your daily routine/ locs regime.

    Our boar bristle brush is perfect for brushing locs at home or on the go to prevent lint buildup and help keep your locs moisturized by sealing in the moisture added with our locs refresher spray and oil.
    Can be used daily or weekly as a part of your haircare regime.

    Kit Includes 5 items: (Value $55)

    • Aloe Vera Gel | 8 oz
    • Aloe Vera Refresher Spray | 8 oz
    • Locs Oil Spray | 4 oz
    • Loc Brush (Soft Bristle)
    • Comes in our drawstring gift bag


    • This Locs Lint Brush has soft bristles that gently remove debris from your locs.
    • Giving you softer, better maintained locs.
    • Distributes products evenly to ensure moisture for your locs.
    • It controls build-up and helps to keep locs neatly in shape.
    • It can also remove lint to help ensure your locs look their best.

    Loc Brushing is the #1 method for preventing and removing surface lint from locs. 

    We recommend Loc Brushing for the mature stage of your loc journey!


    Material: Beech Wood

    Warning: Due to bristles being hand-made please expect slight shedding in the beginning.

    Our loc line works for every loc style. Traditional, Sisterlocks, Freeform Locs, Microlocs etc and for every stage of your loc journey.


    Moisturize with our locs refresher spray then seal in moisture with our conditioning oil. Brush locs from root to end to distribute evenly as well to remove surface lint from locs.
    Conquer each day with perfect locs - just brush, go and explore! Plus, you can use the brush wet or dry to reduce frizz, add shine, and style with confidence.
    With its easy-to-use ergonomic handle, you can keep your dreadlock maintenance routine quick, easy and stress-free.


    Aloe Vera Gel | 8 oz
    Aloe Vera Refresher Spray | 8 oz
    Locs Oil Spray | 4 oz
    Loc Brush (Soft Bristle)


    We ship in 24-48 hours Monday-Friday

    Ultimate Locs Moisturizing Bundle
    Ultimate Locs Moisturizing Bundle
    Ultimate Locs Moisturizing Bundle
    Ultimate Locs Moisturizing Bundle
    Ultimate Locs Moisturizing Bundle
    Ultimate Locs Moisturizing Bundle
    Locs Lint Brush (Soft Bristle)
    Ultimate Locs Moisturizing Bundle
    Ultimate Locs Moisturizing Bundle

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews

    The aloe vera i think is the best and I like the oil mist

    Stacia Edwards
    Smells Amazing!!

    These products smell amazing and they are very light weight and keeps my hair moisturised. I don't have to use them everyday but I want to because of how amazing it makes my hair feels and the smell lasts! Would 1000% recommend!

    SHIPS IN 24-48 HOURS

    Why Choose Us?

    • Clean Beauty Brand

      Clean locs product with safe and transparent ingredients.

    • Worldwide Shipping

      Yes, we ship globally with the best shipping rates from our shipping partners.

    • Sustainability

      Our signature shipping boxes are fully recyclable and can be reused.

    • Build-Up Free

      Say Goodbye to over 2000+ ingredients NOT equally created for your locs.


    What is the products shelf life?

    Approximately 2 years and listed on each product.

    What if I'm allergic to an ingredient?

    When using our products for th first time we recommend doing a patch test. Ingredients may have been derived from soy, wheat, and/or nut products. They may have also been produced in a facility that makes those products. So please review the product pages and/or labels for your allergens prior to your first use and/or purchase.

    Do you offer samples?

    We do not offer samples but feel free to email us at with questions about our products.

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