Can I Use Your Products On My Sisterlocks?

Can I Use Your Products On My Sisterlocks?

Exploring the Sisterlocks and Microlocs Kit


If you've been on a journey to embrace the beauty and versatility of Sisterlocks or microlocs, you may have heard of our brand Made for Locs. We offer a range of products tailored for those with all types locs, but you might be wondering if our products are suitable for maintaining your Sisterlocks. In this blog post, we'll delve into the details of the Sisterlocks and Microlocs Kit  to help you decide if it's the right choice for your loc journey.


Understanding Sisterlocks and Microlocs

Before we dive into the kit, let's briefly discuss what Sisterlocks and microlocs are. Sisterlocks are a specific type of tiny, uniform locs created using a patented technique. They are known for their small size, versatility, and the ability to create intricate styles. Microlocs, on the other hand, are similar in size but are not created using the patented Sisterlocks method. Both styles involve maintaining small, uniform locs, which require specific care and products.

Exploring the Sisterlocks and Microlocs Kit

Made for Locs offers a specialized kit designed for Sisterlocs and microlocs. Let's break down the components of the kit and see how they can benefit your locs:

1. Cleansing Shampoo

The kit includes a Cleansing Shampoo, a crucial product for maintaining healthy locs. This shampoo is designed to remove buildup and excess oils from your locs without causing unraveling or damage. It's suitable for both Sisterlocks and microlocs as it promotes cleanliness, which is essential for loc health.

2. Moisturizing Locs Spray

Moisture is key to maintaining any type of locs, and the Moisturizing aloe spray in the kit can help with that. It nourishes your locs, keeping them soft and manageable. It's important for Sisterlocks and microlocs to remain moisturized to prevent breakage and maintain their form. Using once a day is ideal.

3. Soothing Aloe Gel

The Soothing Aloe Gel in the kit can be particularly useful for Sisterlocks. It helps to reduce flaking of the scalp while it's super lightweight formulation doesn't weight locs down and soothes itchy scalp after retightening. 

4. Loc Oil Spray

The Loc Oil Spray in the kit provides the necessary hydration and protection for your locs' health. It can be applied to the scalp and locs to prevent dryness and promote a healthy environment for new growth. Both Sisterlocks and microlocs can benefit from regular oiling. This oil spray seals in the moisture after using our aloe spray and is very lightweight with a pleasant but light pineapple scent.


5. Locs Styling Flaxseed Mousse

Our locs styling flaxseed mousse is your sisterlocks styling bestie! No flakes, nice hold and offers bounce and curls you dream about. Use to style for the perfect braidouts, curls and more to get the style you need. Not sticky at all and no buildup!


Conclusion: Yes, you can use Made for Locs for Sisterlocks and Microlocs

In conclusion, the Sisterlocks and Microlocs Kit from Made for Locs offers a comprehensive range of products suitable for maintaining both Sisterlocks and microlocs. The kit includes cleansing, moisturizing, and tightening products that address the specific needs of these small, uniform locs.

When using Made for Locs products for your Sisterlocks or microlocs, it's important to follow the recommended care routine to achieve the best results. Regular maintenance and the use of quality products like those offered in this kit can help you enjoy the beauty and longevity of your locs.

Remember that while these products are designed with Sisterlocks and microlocs in mind, personal preferences and needs may vary. It's always a good idea to consult with a Sisterlocks consultant or a loc specialist for personalized advice on caring for your unique locs. With the right products and care routine, you can confidently embrace your Sisterlocks or microlocs journey with Made for Locs.

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