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Love it! Smells so good

I have not had a chance to use the shampoo but the sprays are great! I also appreciate the phone call that I received when I originally ordered my products. Great customer service goes a long way with me!


This smells amazing and my hair loves it! I am new on my loc journey and you have a customer for life. The customer service is the best that a I’ve received in a long time.


I absolutely loved the shampoo and conditioner. Not only does it have a great smell, my hair never felt dry despite lightening and dyeing my locs.

The smell is magnificent and my hair is sooooo soft!

Amazing Brush Softly

Love my brush bristles are soft and gets the lent out smoothly

Love this brand, their loc gel is my new favorite!!

I am in love already and I just tried the samples!!! I will be order every single product!!!!

New New

Smells so good!!!!! I better order more b4 it’s all gone.

Great brush

Smells delicious

Great product!

Smalls heavenly and keeps hair moisturized and hydrated.

love it. I hv locs and it is big enough and cute. also it stays on with adjustable strap. 🥰

This product smells amazing and is the perfect combo for hydration!

Like it still giving it a little more time to get used to it

Wonderfulness in a spray bottle

This is one of many products that my family and I enjoy using. I have a subscription for this as well.

2 in 1 Awesomeness

This product smells great and it works as it is described an created to.

So Simple and Comfortable

I enjoy wearing this 2 piece turban wear. My scalp doesn’t even sweat nor do I have to worry about it being to tight on my head either.


Only used gel, and oil spray so far and love them both. Not time to wash my locs yet but I can tell just from the feel in my hand that the shampoo & conditioning spray will live up to the other pieces. Must say MFL knows how to do it professionally. Their packaging and the phone message welcoming me to the tribe was a very pleasant surprise especially from a black owned company. Often companies we own are just interested in making money not in establishing a customer relationship. MFL strives for both. The customer relationship is what keeps people spending the money. MFL got it right. Thank you for good quality products and excellent customer service. It’s a win win all around.

great product will buy more

The Best Growth Serum That I’ve Tried!!

I’ve had my share of extreme oily and runny products from elsewhere. However, I’ve finally found something that my family and I can enjoy using without it being so heaving and greasy on our crowns. Thank you so much for this and thinking of great ways to help us better care for our locs. And!!!! They smell so good!!

Love the peppermint 😍

love the peppermint smells

I love this oil spray! It’s not heavy or super oily. Smell Great,too! I can use this everyday.