Team Health & Wellness Day






Hi Tribe, we are closed once a month to allow our team to rejuvenate and rest.
My team and my family are a vital part of how we show up and serve you. 
We've allocate one day out of the month where our team will take a much-needed paid mental health break to do WHATEVER they please.. I appreciated every single one of our MFL Tribe Family and grateful to be able to do this for such amazing team members.


Made For Locs, a company that values the well-being of its employees, has implemented a unique policy of granting each employee a paid day off every month, specifically dedicated to mental wellness. This initiative is rooted in the understanding that mental health is as crucial as physical health for overall employee productivity and happiness.

The reasons for this policy are manifold:

1. Promoting Work-Life Balance: In today's fast-paced work environment, maintaining a healthy work-life balance can be challenging. By allocating a day solely for mental wellness, Made For Locs ensures that employees have the time to disconnect from work-related activities and engage in personal joy routines that rejuvenate them.

2. Reducing Burnout: Continuous work without adequate breaks can lead to employee burnout, which affects not just their productivity but also their emotional and physical health. A mental wellness day helps in preventing burnout by offering a much-needed break.

3. Encouraging Mental Health Awareness: By institutionalizing a mental wellness day, Made For Locs underscores the importance of mental health, encouraging employees to prioritize their mental well-being and seek help when needed.

4. Boosting Morale and Productivity: A rested mind is more creative and productive. We care for all our team members.

5. Creating a Supportive Work Culture: This policy fosters a culture where mental health is not stigmatized but supported. It creates an environment where employees feel valued and understood, leading to greater job satisfaction and loyalty.

6. Adapting to Modern Work Challenges: With the increasing awareness of mental health issues, modern workplaces are adapting to new ways of supporting their workforce. Made For Locs is at the forefront of this change, recognizing that caring for the mental well-being of employees is essential for a thriving business.

In summary, Made For Locs’ policy of providing a monthly mental wellness day off is a progressive step towards fostering a healthier, more productive, and more supportive workplace environment. This policy not only benefits our amazing team in their personal and professional lives but also enhances the overall ethos and success of the brand to efficiently serve our Tribe with excellence.