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Made For Locs

Locs Shampoo Brush

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    Our shampoo brush is a handheld tool with soft, flexible bristles designed to gently massage and exfoliate the scalp while washing your hair. This silicone massage locs shampoo brush features soft bristles which gently massage the scalp for deep cleaning and improved blood circulation. Its ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip and great control, so shampooing is easier and more effective. This brush is also a great tool for evenly distributing product in the hair and scalp. Soft and natural and suitable for your loc care. Using a shampoo brush on your locs can greatly improve your scalp's health, promote circulation, and provide a deep, thorough cleanse. 



    • This silicone Locs Shampoo Brush is designed to provide cleansing and conditioning of locs without causing excessive friction or damage.
    • Its soft and flexible bristles will effectively remove product buildup and stimulate scalp circulation for healthier, better-looking locs.
    • Use regularly for fast and effective shampooing.
    • Doesn't fall from hands easily.
    • Anti-Scratch



    Our loc line works for every loc style. Traditional, Sisterlocks, Freeform Locs, Microlocs etc and for every stage of your loc journey.


    Apply shampoo: Pour a small amount of our locs shampoo into your hand and apply it to your scalp. You can also dilute the shampoo in the spray bottle with water and spritz it onto your scalp for more even distribution. Be sure to use our shampoos specifically formulated for locs to avoid residue buildup.

    Start brushing: Hold the shampoo brush firmly in your hand and start massaging your scalp with gentle, circular motions. Focus on one section at a time to ensure that you cover the entire scalp. The flexible bristles will help to lift away dirt, debris, and dead skin cells while stimulating blood flow to the scalp.

    Work your way down: As you massage your scalp, the shampoo will begin to lather and work its way down your locs. Gently work the shampoo through your locs using your fingers or the shampoo brush, making sure not to pull or cause any damage.

    Rinse thoroughly: After you've massaged your entire scalp and worked the shampoo through your locs, thoroughly rinse your hair with lukewarm water. Be sure to remove all traces of shampoo to avoid residue buildup.

    Gently squeeze excess water: Gently squeeze the excess water from your locs using our loc towel.

    Dry your Locs: Allow your locs to air dry or use a hairdryer with a diffuser attachment on a low heat setting. Make sure your locs are completely dry before styling or going to bed to prevent mold and mildew growth.

    By following these steps, you can effectively use our shampoo brush to maintain a clean and healthy scalp while keeping your locs fresh and free from buildup.


    3" (width) x 2.5" (height)


    We ship in 24-48 hours Monday-Friday

    Locs Shampoo Brush
    Locs Shampoo Brush
    Locs Shampoo Brush
    Locs Shampoo Brush
    Locs Shampoo Brush

    Customer Reviews

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    First time using this but it get the Job done it great to have

    This feels so good on my scalp

    This massage comb is the best. Not only can I comb my locs but it also massages my itchy scalp.

    Tiffany Harris
    Spa Day

    If you are looking for a way to feel like you are getting a good salon shampoo at home. This is the the way!!!! It feels so amazing. Gently "scratches" the scalp for that squeaky clean feeling.


    I haven't used yet. Hope it works well.


    Love each products

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    • Sustainability

      Our signature shipping boxes are fully recyclable and can be reused.

    • Build-Up Free

      Say Goodbye to over 2000+ ingredients NOT equally created for your locs.


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    Approximately 2 years and listed on each product.

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    When using our products for th first time we recommend doing a patch test. Ingredients may have been derived from soy, wheat, and/or nut products. They may have also been produced in a facility that makes those products. So please review the product pages and/or labels for your allergens prior to your first use and/or purchase.

    Do you offer samples?

    We do not offer samples but feel free to email us at with questions about our products.

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